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Long Live SMS

Anam provide wholesale A2P SMS revenue assurance solutions to MNO’s that have delivered $2m additional revenue on 1m subscribers.

We do this using mature technology  combined with Managed Service and have a customer base of 61 operators spanning Europe, Latin America, Asia and Oceania. Anam works with the Operator to build the business case through to invoicing and eliminating grey routes in the process.

The Anam team comprises highly experienced industry professionals and representing all stakeholders across the A2P opportunity – Operator, Roaming Partners, Aggregator& Technology.

Anam’s A2P portfolio is complemented by proven SMS Anti-SPAM & Hubbing capabilities

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Anam SMS Assure

Ever since the clever infant-god, Hermes, discretely took Apollo’s cattle by padding their feet to muffle the sound and driving them backwards to confuse pursuit, man has followed suit in much the same deceptive manner. Exploiting opportunists exist in all areas of life, and modern SMS technology is not immune.

Explosive growth in enterprise messaging, such as mobile marketing, mobile advertising and mobile alerting, offers substantial revenue potential for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Bulk-messaging traffic is increasing daily and opportunists similar to Hermes seek to stealthily route messages between enterprises and their customers at lowest possible, and sometimes even no, cost. These alternative interconnect SMS delivery paths are neither prohibited nor MNO-authorised, and have earned them the term grey routes. So while subscribers receive messages via their MNO’s infrastructure, the MNO does not benefit.

Solutions to detect and monitise grey route SMS traffic are our business here at Anam. Relishing the challenge of tracing message delivery paths, our technology performs sophisticated analysis to account for all messaging traffic into and out of an MNO’s network. Anam’s complete package of proven technology & industry expertise supports MNO’s business needs to block grey routes and convert all traffic into revenue.

Our flexible business approach gives you access to our technology on your terms – as a (Cloud based) Hosted Service, or choose the OpEx route where we eat the upfront costs and together we share the upside. Our Managed Service offering comes in many flavours and completes the menu, giving you control over the shape of your capability as a leading edge SMS service provider.

Stopping SPAM – preventing fraud. For a network that’s safer and more attractive

Ever since the wily Greek hero Odysseus conceived his crafty plan to breach the wall around Troy, the term Trojan horse has come to refer to any trick or stratagem that causes a target to invite a foe into a securely protected bastion or space. His was the stratagem that allowed the Greeks to enter the city and end years of conflict. Unimaginable by Odysseus, the term is now synonymous with "malware" - programs or applications presented as useful or harmless and which induce the user to install and run them; in reality, much damage may be done to the hardware or software, or increasingly causing personal &/or financial loss.

A current form of SMS fraud involves the stealth implant of a Trojan on a mobile device which when installed can send SMS messages to premium rate numbers. Unsuspecting users facilitate the install of the Trojan on their device which can then initiate calls to premium numbers as well as communicating with and obeying call initiation instructions from external sources. Instances of this strand of malware, which was first detected in 2013, have been reported in 66 countries prompting concerns about a global pandemic.  

Even though the level of awareness of SMS SPAM has increased and law enforcement measures to combat cybercrime are also increasing, a continual stream of industry reports are warning that illegal profit figures are already hefty and growth is set to continue. Ironically the emergence of new technology and especially cloud based computing is facilitating cybercrime by making it easier for criminals to access technology, services and expertise.

The pursuit of both stronger and more inventive defences is our business here at Anam. MNO’s require an AntiSPAM partner who is one step ahead in order to anticipate and  protect both subscribers and revenue.  Our firewall-based AntiSPAM solution is focussed on the SMS channel and offers state of the art detection, filtering and blocking technology and expertise.

Complementing the technology, our Managed Service offering comes in many flavours and gives you full control over the shape of your capability to keep subscribers free of SPAM and minimise SMS revenue leakage.

Enterprise SMS

SMS messaging revenues from A2P (Application-to-Person) will be worth almost $60 billion by 2018 (up from $55 billion in 2013) according to Juniper Research. For enterprises and business such as financial services or ticketing providers, said Juniper, SMS is the most secure and reliable option for B2C communications. 

Reliability and ubiquity are not the only advantages offered to consumers by SMS – the channel is heavily regulated on a consistent and international scale, so offering more protection for the sender and the subscriber than more current forms of P2P messaging. Looking a little further down the road, it is forecast that the Internet of Things will fuel further growth in SMS as a bearer technology for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication and requiring quite sophisticated SMS handling support. Enter Anam stage left...

Solutions for managing the massive and technically complex global flow of A2P SMS are our business here at Anam. Relishing the myriad of network & protocol combinations, our technology performs sophisticated screening and routing analysis to ensure messages reach intended destinations in the most efficient and economic way. The technology from Anam also addresses all the business needs of Enterprises and Service Providers, including SPAM control, charging, regulated opt-in/opt-out, advert insert and  mobile number portability.  

So if you operate in the Hubbing or Aggregator space you need to talk to Anam. Our flexible business approach ensures your access to our technology on your terms – as a (Cloud based) Hosted Service, or follow the traditional CapeX technology model or choose an Op Ex route where we eat the upfront costs and share the upside. Our Managed Service offering comes in many flavours and completes the menu, giving you full control over the shape of your capability as a Hub or Aggregator.


smart messaging

Underpinning Anam’s suite of SMS solutions are some very smart building technology blocks which combine seamlessly and selectively to support individual customer requirements.

SMS Router

Our SMS Router implements SS7/SIGTRAN/SMPP Proxy access and facilitates both active & passive investigation of inbound and outbound international SMS traffic. The SMS Router also contains the Transparent Home Routing function, which forces offnet MT-SMS traffic via the SMS Router node.


Our state of the art Firewall capability is based around detailed policies and rules. It performs Anti-Spam techniques such as low-level filtering (TCAP handshake checks), content filtering, volumetric peak rate screening and sender number screening. Applied to Revenue Assurance, the firewall facilitates L1 and L2 blocking functions.

SMS Gateway

The SMS Gateway facilitates intelligent routing by connecting content and application providers with the MNO. This design supports Enterprise services such as A2P and can be combined with Anti-Spam and Assure filtering before delivery. The gateway supports protocols such as SMPP, UCP, EMI, OIS and CIMD2 as well as HTTP, SMTP and XML.

Reporting Server

Anam’s Message Archive and Reporting Server (MARS) is a flexible reporting engine providing offline analysis and reports for SMS traffic, anti-spam and revenue assurance. Customised reporting, logging and archiving are in-built while a web-based GUI provides subscriber and system management for Technical and Customer Care.

Application Server

Our Application Server component unlocks additional revenue streams for the MNO by facilitating provisioning & charging for services such as Anti-Bully, Divert, Copy and Auto Response to inflight messages. The Application Server connects to the Router over IP connections using application protocols such as XML/RPC.